GOP Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina warned Democrats against having a “reflexive reaction” in the wake of the Texas school shooting that left 15 people dead, by trying to pass laws that would impinge on Second Amendment rights, saying he is confident in the coming days it will be learned that there were “signs” the 18-year-old shooter was “at risk.”

“It’s horrible. And you know what we need to avoid is the reflexive reaction we have to say this could all be solved by not having guns in anyone’s hands. We can always talk about reasonable measures, but we also have to talk about better situational awareness,” the North Carolina Republican told CNN.
“I’m almost certain that in the coming days or weeks, we’re going to find out that there were signs that this person was at risk, and we need to have an equal or greater attention on prevention and that’s a key part of it,”

Asked if there was a component of guns that could be part of the solution for the problem of mass shootings in the country, Tillis said “no.”

“What people immediately want to jump to are red flag laws. Virtually everyone that I’ve seen here has been one that sweep up law abiding gun owners into what I consider to be an overreach. So the question is can we can we actually get to policy that could make a difference, but not deny people their Second Amendment rights and give them due process?
“That’s what we talk about every time something like this comes up and that hopefully will be the discussion if we have one versus what could potentially be the plot of people going into their political corners, which I’ve seen every time something tragic event like this has happened and the seven and a half years I’ve been here.”

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