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Dr. Marty Makary said the Biden administration’s FDA “completely bypassed” convening an “advisory committee” before recommending that children ages 5-11 to get a COVID booster shot. Makary joined “Fox & Friends First” Tuesday to explain why he disagrees with the process that was used.


DR. MARTY MAKARY: Well, again the Biden administration’s FDA was completely bypassed in convening their technical experts, their advisory committee. These are the top vaccine experts in the country. Many had signaled that they’re not on board with this recommendation to give a booster to 24 million 5 through 11-year-olds. And so when you make such a sweeping recommendation for the entire country with such strong vigor, ordering all 24 million children in the country, five through 11 to get a booster, you should convene your technical experts. Instead, they put it in front of a CDC committee, which is well known to fire people who have dissenting opinions. They did that with Dr. Martin Kulldorff from Harvard last year, and the conversation was incredible. There was no clinical data to support the booster for 5 to 11-year-olds. Instead, they cited a small study done by Pfizer of 140 children in that age group looking at no outcomes, but instead the antibody bump you get after the booster. And the committee actually said, we want a simple message. We’re concerned about having a confusing message if these kids are not getting a booster and older people are. That is not a scientific rationale. 


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